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10 Days Post Op

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hope they pass quickly, it always felt better, for me, to be on the other side of stuff.........................................Dave

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Hi everyone. Well, phase 2 is over. 10 days post op and doing pretty good considerin. What I did plan on was the stoma. What I didn’t expect was everything else attached. Foley cath ( you only forget to grab that bag once)and JP (stomach drain) Pretty overwhelming at first but I’ve gotten use to it And you learn to adap. One removed 9/24 the other the next day So not much longer. Pathology report 0 margins but 2 of the 17 nodes had 1cm x 1cm nodules so looks like back to mop up chemo for 6 rounds. Anyway, surgery was textbook and very successfull. Thanks again for all your input.

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Had my majot surgery a year ago. Like all 'trauma,' I had forgotten about the drain and catheter, and just how weak I was. Hopeful you will be able to walk walk walk...and feel like yourself again soon. I found I was much more comfortable ordering my preferred ostomy supplies. I fou d the hospital stuff was substandard. 

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Yeah, they don't warn you in advance about the catheter.  That is something I really don't want to remember.

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I think it was either the catheter or the ureter stents that caused my xxx problems. I will eventually go to a urologist to see if it can be fixed when I get over the reversal.

It was not fun in the hospital with all of that stuff hanging off of me.

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I'm glad it's over and you feel better! Surgery is tough! I had a huge holder for all of my IV pumps, there were five. So this heavy duty holder that I had to drag around while walking and spend several minutes sorting out lines every time I went to the bathroom. Ugh.


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The catheter is one of the unpleasant things on surgery and I just look forward to having them removed.  Good luck on the succeeding days, its better days ahead as you have made through the surgery.  Stay well and you'll adjust fine to the new normal, especially the bag.

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Glad the surgery was a success.  They don't explain much about what you come out with before hand so usually it's a big shock.  The nurses were more informative if you can get one to stay long enough for you to ask the questions.  The one thing that bothered me was the 3 drains in my stomach and when they pulled them out as they were in there for several days.  It was hard waking with all that stuff hooked up to you though.  Wishing you a speedy recovery and remember walk, walk, walk.


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