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Hurricane Florence

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Please take a moment to offer prayers, good thoughts or whatever your preference, to those who will be impacted by hurricane Florence.

Given its size ( about 200 miles wide) and the probability of widespread prolonged rains over several states causing major flooding, it is nearly impossible to escape its effects if you are located in the mid-Atlantic costal states.

May each one of our friends and family here, be safe.


Marie who loves kitties

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Prayers have already been said for those that have not gotten out and that no tragic losses.  Also, that damage is limited and those needing help get it soon.  Good to see your post Marie.  Glad to see you back on the boards.


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and my admiration is high, for the emergency workers and police, who are the ones who 'have' to stay, to look after those who won't or can't move. 

My prayers go out to everyone and everything, human, animal, rich and poor. It is going to be devastating. 


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Just heard that it's been downgraded so I've very happy to hear that.  Please take head all that are still in it's path.  May God be with you and keep you safe.  Let us know when you can that all is well.


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I've always worried about the National Guard Who are sent in the protect those who haven't fled the danger.

I pray for those sent into harms way. God bless the National Guard and those sent in to protect those who don't leave the danger.


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My heart goes out to all those in the path. Having srvived Hurricane Andrew, I know all too well what these poor folks are about to go through. I have lived in Florida my entire life thus have weathered many storms. Florence is not one that I would take lightly. Though she has been downgraded, I fear that as the day heats on she will strenghten more. My prayers to everyone in her path. Please if you are reading this or have love ones in her path, Hurricane parties are not a good idea. You need to have your head together. You need to be well rested as this bears down on you since you will need to make life saving decissions immediatley. If you are close to it's path, still keep sharp, tornadoes can and will spawn from this storm. 

Hugs my friends. God be with you. 

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Tornados are popping up now. More devastating news for them in this path of the hurricane. Please everyone be very careful and do what authorities ask of you. Sorry Twin that you had to go through Andrew-that was a devastating.  Watching as these storms move closer inland.  Scary.


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