Status Quo - I'll take it

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My abdominal sono, renal sono and chest x-ray were all NED last week!  Bloodwork was great too.  We're rotating ultrasound and x-rays with CT or MRIs to limit radiation.  

Doc is pleased and so am I!

Next up - MRI in December.  Until then, I'll keep on keeping on.  Know that I'm thankful for all of you as we navigate this RCC journey together.

Peace and well wishes from Central New York!





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    Congrats on NED! Getting a chest x ray in december. Looking forward to it! Not really... But I think the odds are in my favor.

    Take care!


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    You are NED. Sounds a lot better than status quo.




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    Super news! 

    Super news! 

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    Great news!

    Great news!

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    Thanks for sharing your news, Ryan.  Congratulations and continued well-wishes.

    Take care,


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    Congrats, stay well and get

    Congrats, stay well and get ready for a party!

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    Fantastic news


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    Wow! That is great news for

    Wow! That is great news for sure! So happy for you, and so glad to hear it!!