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Clogged Feeding Tube - A Solution that Worked for our Family

Mark Gee
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Joined: Sep 2018

Hello all - my wife had a NG feeding tube for several months. About 3-4 days after the NG tube was initially inserted, it started to clog, even though we regularly flushed it with warm water. We tried several options to unclog the tube, none of which worked: hourly warm water flushes, Coke, etc. I found that Coke only exacerbates the clog and some of the suggestions that I read online were truly dangerous like weed whacker wire. The only solution that worked for us was a product called Clog Zapper (enzyme). It worked every time for us. As a side note, I do not work for, support, or sell Clog Zapper - just wanted to pass on a solution that works. I know how traumatic it can be to have a clogged feeding tube along with the prospect of going back to the ER for a new placement. Happy to help if you have questions: mark2gee@yahoo.com.

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