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So I have been away from posting a while. I have been so anxious and stressed. I just been so scared. It seems like everything twinges  all over my body. I did go on a family cruise of like 20 people family members. I planned this before my last scans. I will get my biopsy  next week of the possible area in my abdomen that was always told was a hernia. It was there before my nephrectomy. Which after surgery last Oct I was told Stage one grade one. I’m hoping all those privious CT scans that showed that area, but felt it was nothing of concern , are right. I also made an appointment with an RCC specialist at the Cleveland Clinic but can’t get in until Dec.  That’s 3 hours away. My current oncologist is local and seems knowledgeable. Not sure of treatment plan if it’s worse case. She was speaking of watching it. Because she said it seems pretty stable if it is something or maybe spot Radiation. Im so confused on what to do. I see so many new people on the forum. I am trulely saddend by the losses.  This is the best forum for support and information.


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Youve been through alot and know the wait between the scans and tests are awful. Just here to wish wish you luck on the procedure and send positive thoughts to you and your loved ones.

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So far so good. Still small tumor. Good path report and you are young. That was me 15 years ago, age 60 and 1 year post neph. You had major surgery. The worst part of the recovery is over.  The odds are strongly .in your favor for a full and complete recovery. Most of us with a good path report were Stage 1, Grade 2. Yours is better than that.




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It's scary at first, and everything icemantoo said. Yours was very small and since caught so early, your chances are so good of totally beating this.

Read some people's profiles on here, that helped me so much in the beginning. Mine is stage 4 and was quite large at 12 cm. Quite an extensive surgery that I had to go out of state for. Read the profile if you get a chance. Maybe something in it can help or encourage you.

Bottom line is, 6 months after surgery, I'm still kicking and doing better than I thought I would be. Nothing grew and there was nothing new in the last scan a couple weeks ago. Good news. So I keep plodding along like everyone else here, take my chemo pills and try to live as normally as possible. Most days are good. Some days are not great and a few days are awful. Overall, life is very good. I'm thankful to still be on the right side of the daisies.

If you have not done so already, please visit smartpatients.com for even more great help and info. Wishing you all the very best.

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Angie--I think you're doing all you can to protect yourself.  This proactive approach will only help you.  With that being said--you've done all you can at this point.  Try to relax (I know it is difficult) and allow things to play out.  I truly believe you'll be fine.


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Anxiety about possibly having cancer is natural but not very productive.  Telling you to not worry about it probably won't be very helpful either.

Don't expect the worst, and remember that there are treatments now available that can help even if things take a turn for the worse.

Relax, live life and stay positive.


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Thank you all for words of encouragement. So tomorrow is the day of my biopsy. I’m praying for good results.

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I'll be thinking of you. I can't imagine a stage 1 grade 1 to have spread so I'm hoping it's nothing. 

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