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Feeling lost my furry caregiver passed away

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I thought this might be too silly to post, but figured I should since this is why we are all here. I am a caregiver to my husband. Throughout the rocky road the past couple years, my one stable support was our little kitty Daisy. She had little tiny shoulders, but they held so much.  She just passed away yesterday and I feel like a wobbly building about to come crashing down. The one little straw holding me together was pulled away.      

I never told my husband how much Daisy helped me get through unbearable moments. I cannot tell my husband I even have unbearable moments. My relatives have been mostly horribly inept at offering any support.  Our friends have never had serious illness (fortunately for them), so are unable to do or say the right things. I stopped expecting.     

Daisy was the one who sat with me through the nights I couldn't sleep. She comforted me after my husband's surgeries and throught treatment. She made me feel lovable and accepted even though  circumstances made me feel like an outsider.  

I suppose anyone with an animal companion will understand.    


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oh GingerMay...i understand & my heart breaks for you.

My Fur Girl passed away just 6 months after i finished treatment . almost the straw that broke the camels back for me. i know your pain.

Sending you love, healing & hugs. i wish i could take your sadness away for you.

Thinking of you. xx

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Thanks, feck. I hope you are doing well.    

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I'm so sorry that your little Daisy is gone. I, too, lost my dear cat Teddy to cancer, right in the middle of my own difficult cancer treatments a year and a half ago. It was really hard for me to let him go since I really depended on him when I didn't feel well. While I have another nice cat, Griffin has never been the cuddly and comforting type that Teddy was,

Although I am currently cancer-free, my type is an aggressive one that frequently recurs. So I haven't wanted to adopt another cat in case he/she would need to be rehomed in the future. But I do volunteer with a local rescue group and decided to foster cats once I was through treatment.

Teddy wasn't fond of other cats, except for Griffin, so I hadn't fostered in many years. But I do enjoy having the fosters around until they get permanently adopted. Right now a foster kitten is relaxing on my chest while I type this!

I know with your caregiving responsibilities it may be too much for you to even consider adopting another cat, especially so soon after this sad loss. But keep in mind that local rescue groups are always looking for foster homes. When you decide that you may like to bridge the "kitty gap," fostering may work for you (and the foster cats) until you're ready for a more permanent member of the family.

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cmb. you should get another cat. Get a pedigree that every one loves so if you ever have to rehome them it won't be hard. like how many Siamese do you see feral & roaming the streets? You deserve the love. as well as foster. kittens. so joy in the house.  Ginger May. yes. Thank you . i am & about a year after i lost my girl my new 'furbaby' came into my life & i love her so much. she brings me so much happiness. 

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So sorry for your loss.  Every support is important for a Caregiver even if it comes from a fur baby.  I have 2 so I know how you feel they keep me grounded as well.  It is hard getting support from people who don’t understand.  I get that as well .  That is why I came to this website. Just need to reach out to other people  who understand


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I am really sorry for the loss of your fur baby.  I understand how important that relationship is.  Thinking of you.

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Ginger Raven
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your furry companion. I hope in time you can find another little fur friend to help you through this. Both my Mother and my cat have cancer and I'm beyond overwhelmed by life these days, but I would be so lost without that furry face. (My cat, not my Mom. Just a smidge of humor) She's not a cuddler but she gives amazing head butts and her fur smells like heaven to me. I have never been able to immediately replace a lost pet but I so hope you can welcome a new furry soul into your home very soon. That unconditional love, support and understanding is everything. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and strength!

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