Year and a half still worried

Hello all sorry to bother you and intrude on more serious problems. But would love some opinions on my story. Worry wort here! About a year and a half ago I was deemed suspicious after a fine needle biopsy on an enlarged node In my neck. At the time no symptoms present and even up till today no symptoms really. I went through a year of follow ups and tests such as multiple

Blood works, Ct scan, X ray, Ultrasound and a core needle biopsy all of which came back fine other then a few nodes slightly enlarged but in normal range shown on the ct scan and have even shrunk but are still able to be felt. I have since also been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which I got in remission for the past 4 months. Nothing really has effected my life since I am pretty active and the occasional drink doesn’t effect me just still kind of unsure I guess and over thinking. So my question is how likely is it that I may still have  lymphoma that was missed? Could someone with lymphoma beat another immune issue? and why would the needle biopsy be suspicious but everything was fine? Was it right for my oncologist to move on? Thanks again 

- 21 year old 


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    At age 21, the chance of any lymphoma outside of Hodgkin's is very low. Even Hodgkin's is rare. Sadly, all of the testing you have received is of little value. The standard for lymphoma is having an entire lymph node surgically removed for competent parthological examination. Nothing less is reliable. Any needle biopsy is, by definition, cheap and unrelaible. They can very easily miss lymphoma because the sample they provide is so tiny.

    However, a year and a half? Whatever it is, it is not an emergency. Hodgkin's moves much much faster than that.