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Sarcoma associated with trauma or injury to limb?

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My 63 year old husband was diagnosed with Myxofibrosarcoma in May. He had very small tumors removed from the calf of his right leg in 2013 and 2016. Both times the pathology diagnosis was benign giant cell tumor. In April this year, a tumor came back at the same site on his calf. His surgeon sent him to a local oncologist, who diagnosed it as giant cell tumor again on the basis of an MRI. The tumor was removed, but this time the pathology diagnosis was undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma. We were referred to UNC Cancer Hospital, who reviewed the pathology and interpreted it as recurrent high-grade Myxofibrosarcoma with positive margins. They think the tumors in 2013 and 2016 were probably low grade malignancies and precursors to the MFS. My husband had 25 days of radiation therapy, followed by a radical resection of the tumor site with plastic surgery in August. So far, CT scans of his chest are clear and there are no other signs of metastasis. We are praying this will be the end of it.

My husband believes the tumors started growing in his calf due to an injury. He accidentally banged his calf very hard against a trailer hitch. Shortly afterwards, tumors started growing and have kept growing on the site of the injury. Our doctors said there is anecdotal reporting of this in other cases. I wonder if anyone out there also suffered an injury or trauma coincident to developing sarcoma in a limb?

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