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Genetic Testing

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Hey all! I went for genetic testing 4 weeks ago and just got the results. The kidney cancer was not a genetic thing, but they did find a change in one of my genes. They called it a change of unknown variance or something. They only know that it could just be us being individuals and what makes us unique. She said at this point she does not know why I got the cancer at such a young age. I am relieved that it was not genetic and so on to the next! I have a 9 month scan coming up this Tuesday. Always something going on with this right?

I see a lot of new people on here. You are definitely in the right place. Please stay active and keep communicating. It helps you along with everyone else!!!!

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For most of us including myself, there is no rhyme or reason we got Kidney Cancer. And like you we can't blame it on bad genes.




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alot. The thing that gets me is not knowing how long I’ve had it. How long was the tumor growing inside me. I’ll, of course, never know.

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I am glad you had this done. You must be relieved to know it is not genetic.

Happy for you,

Best Wishes,


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