5-year NED

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I just saw Skagway's great news and wanted to also share mine!!

I just got back from the oncologist's office and got an all-clear. This (a few months short of) 5-year report is a biggie to be celebrated! Stage 3 with lymphovascular invasion (that LVI reference always scared me) and here I am 5 years later with no recurrences. I have truly been blessed. 

Here's to NED reports for everyone!!




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    Awesome!!! That is absolutley

    Awesome!!! That is absolutley worth celebrating! congrats!

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    Super congrats!

    5 years that's great! 

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    Big Deal




    This is a big deal,




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    Happy for you.....hope I can

    Happy for you.....hope I can do the same.

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    Kisses and hugs! Expecting

    Kisses and hugs! Expecting the same news from you on 10th anniversary, then 15th, and so on :-)

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    So thrilled for you

    Dearest JoJo-That is fantastic news!! All of the good Karma you accumulated by being so kind to eveyone has come back to you many fold. Heres to many more years of good health and happiness in all ways.

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    "This (a few months short of) 5-year report is a biggie to be celebrated!"  It sure is--Keep beating the odds!  Congratulations!


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    Terrific news!

    Pass it on.... continued good health-June

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    Big hugs for you, Jojo! So

    Big hugs for you, Jojo! So happy to hear all clear xo

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    True Survivor

    Five years has to count as good, I reckon.

    Well done. and keep it up


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    Fantastic news

    Fantastic news

    I'm so happy for you Jojo

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    great news,  so happy for you!!

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    Hey friend! Good to hear from

    Hey friend! Good to hear from you!

    WE share the same month, December for our nephrectomies. My doctor said I just have to have the labs done and he'll send me the results to save $$ for copay. He is certain I'll be 5 year NED Dec. 2018.

    Glad you have improved! Whew~~

    Hugs, my friend,


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    My friend


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    Glad to hear this!



  • Great news!

    Great news!