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I am trying to find out has anyone had any success on Stivarga and what side affects did you experience. My husband has stage IV Colorectal Cancer and they want him to start on Stivarga.  He cancer has spread to his liver, lungs , spleen and lymph nodes.  My concern and what I have read is that the Stivarga can cause him to go into liver failure.  Any suggestions or comments is greatly appreciated.  Thanking everyone in advance!!

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I am sorry to hear about your husband's condtion. It is so frightenign when it spreads so much.

Stivarga is not something I am familiar with, but I'm sure someone here will be able to help out. 


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I'm sorry to hear about your husband and also that I'm not able to help you with an answer.  I'm glad that you came on here to ask though because we have so many caring people that have been through a similar situation as your husband.  Hoping that someone can answer your question soon.


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My  husband is on a different chemo agent, but what I've read of Stivarga is that liver failure is not a common complication but you need to be very careful about other medications you are taking while on Stivarga, even over the counter medications.  Please make sure your doctor is aware of all the medications you take, even Tylenol and any herbal supplements you may use.

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