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Cancer Humor

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A very close law enforcement friend of mine (who is quite the character) shared his pre-treatment colonoscopy story with me:

My friend was not only awake for his colonoscopy but totally alert. As the doctor began inserting the camera, he yelled "STOP" and the doc asked him what the problem was. My friend explained he was about to issue a ticket to the doctor. The doc asked him what for and my friend replied "for going the wrong way on a one-way street."

He said it took almost 5 minutes for everyone to get their composure so they could finish. 

Humor is not only natural, but really helps lighten things up. Please feel free to share any funny stories you have. 

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He is examining my rectum as I lay on my side and says

”It’s pretty dark in there”

I whispered in my echo voice 

“hello hello hello”

I thought the nurse was going to split a gut 

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I was getting my regular check-up with my Oncologist, and he was asking all the pertinent questions. He asked me if I drank. I said, 'All the time'. He asked me how much. 'I said probably about six to eight glasses a day'. In his very Indian accent he said 'No, no, Mrs. ≈≈≈, You must not be drinking that much.'  I said 'But why? I've been told it is healthy to drink six to eight glasses of water' Then he gave the biggest sigh, and said 'No, No, No, Mrs. ≈≈≈, I meant alcohol, not water.'  I laughed till I almost pee'd mylself. 

Its funnier with his Indian accent. 


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Due to complications post-lumpectomy (all benign, thankfully) I had to go back for more surgery for extra drain placement 2 weeks later.  The anesthesiologist was the same young, very attractive doctor I'd had 2 weeks earlier.  He expressed surprise at seeing me again, particularly so soon.  After clarifying why I was there again, I looked at him and said "It will be a pleasure sleeping with you again, Dr. D!"  I thought he was going to lose it!  (And then he asked me to repeat, so that he could record it to share with his wife!)  PS - My husband was there, and laughed and gave the thumbs up!


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