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Is my Hodgkin’s back after 35 years?

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i had Hodgkin’s when I was 12 in the early 80s. Stage IV in neck and left lung. I was treated with 6 month of chemo and 1 month of radiation. Cancer free for 35 years.

Following a ct scan in June for a kidney stone, they found a 3.3 cm tumour on my left kidney. They are 90 percent sure that it is Renal Cell Carcinoma but given my past experience with lymphoma, they are going to do a biopsy before they remove the tumour. 


Anyone have a Hodgkin’s reoccurrence after such a long period?

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Sorry to hear of this. Radiation is well known for late-stage side effects and the suspected renal cell carcinoma may be one of them. Ususally, when Hodgkin's is gone, it's gone. However, the pathology results will control the future here.

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While lymphoma can relapse after long remission, 35 years seems extraordinarily long for the disease to lie dormant.

As others noted, correct pathology will be critical in moving forward.

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I had Hodgkins 25 years ago and recieved a diagnosis of uterine cancer two and a half years ago. My doctor told me it was caised by the radiation done for my hodgkins. I hope yours is nothing.

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