Anyway to delete old posts

Steve1961 Member Posts: 301

I see that some posts are gone to hsve been deleted ..I would like to delete old posts if I can 


  • Old Salt
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    I don't think you can

    Many people have responded to your questions. Some of this info could be valuable to others and shouldn't be deleted.


    BTW, you wrote on the 'other' forum that you are suffering from radiation side effects. Hope those issues will get better with time. 

  • lighterwood67
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    Click on CSN

    Click on contact CSN, upper right corner.  I think you can e-mail them and tell them to delete all posts before a certain date.  Hope this helps.

  • lighterwood67
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    Also, please give the treatment you selected time.  I have read some on your issues and actually talked to some people.  It started out bad, but ended up good.  Good luck on your journey.