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Something growing in my pelvic area

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Hi, new member here. My backstory ; 

  I had some post menopause bleeding 2 years ago. Dr couldn’t find s cause and I had a total hysterectom. Endometrial cancer was found , but since my cervix and womb were all removed, I didn’t need any treatments. It was early stage and didn’t spread. 2 months ago I went for a CAT scan and they think they see something, so I go for a PET scan. Something is there but not indentified. My OB oncologist tries to teach up to see if she can feel it but she can’. She doesn’t think it’s cancer but sends me for a follow up PET for 6weeks out to see if anything changes. I had the PET this week and see dr next week. I don’t like surprise. Has anyone heard of this ? It’s irregular shaped and I guess it’s cells. Why couldn’t she tell the first time around ? Should I be concerned ? I have plans for September and I’d love to fulfill them instead of running back and forth for tests. Also, if it is something, how do they remove it ? It’s at the top of my vagina. Thanks for any help. You are all wonderful and very informed, more so than I am, about your dx and treatments. 

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dear Theatre, just try to take a breath.  First, find yourself a gynecologic oncologist.  (I am not sure if that is what you mean by OB oncologist) so I just wanted to start there.  You probably need to get the tests to get some answers, and that takes time.  You want to find out what is going on, so take this a step at a time.  

Can you tell us if you had a PAP test?  Are you still in a follow up schedule with your doctor?  How often is it and are you given PET scans regularly?  

I think most of the women (and the men that love them) here probably have similar questions but will welcome you shortly.  

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Hi NoTime, yes, you are correct. She is a GYN / oncologisT. Highly recommended. Yes, I have yearly Pap tests. That came back clean. My C125 was fine a few months ago. That’s why I’m confused about all of this. I really don’t know that much about cancer, but I’m trying to learn. I realize there is more likely to be a recurrence in the first 5 years, which is why I go to her every 6 months. Just how do some things look good if there is a problem ? I guess I will discuss it with my oncologist when I see her. Thank you

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It sounds like you could have a mass on your vaginal cuff- where the surgeon cut off the cervix from the vagina.
I had a 5cm turmor on my outer rectum/vaginal cuff two months after srugery, along with other metastases in
my liver and spleen.

I met with my gyn/onc ansame d later that day had a CT scan that discovered all my metastases. She could not
feel the mass because of the location. It was further up from where she had removed a very small tumor on my
outer rectum at the time of my surgery.  The vaginal cuff is one of the most popular sites of metastasis.
I think if you have a tumor on your vaginal cuff, the treatment is radiation, but you might also get surgery.

Since I had so many metastases, I only received chemo- radiation was cancelled.  I followed a comprehensive
integrative treatment plan, which I follow to this day.

I am totally cancer free and am about to celebrate my 4 year anniversary in a week. Try to take things one step
at a time.



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Try not to worry (I know easier said than done because we have all been there)!  Your growth is most likely a non-malignant growth.  It is difficult not the think the worst because of the location.  It could just be an 'age barnacle' and non-threatening!  Good luck!

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