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Treatment working

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I had my first scans after starting treatment. It was good news! Two tumors in my lungs have shrunk 37% and one tiny one is not visible. We are very happy and I will continue on this trial Cabo + pembrolizamab (keytruda). I am very cautiously optimistic. I know that TKIs only work for a while. My Dr explained that that is why they are pairing it with immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is good for longevity which TKIs are not. I'm trying to accept the good news for now and not get ahead of myself. I am moving to 40mg Cabo from 60. The hand and foot sores have been bad. I'm hoping they clear up soon so I can play tennis again!

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Great to hear.




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Canadian Sandy
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Good news!

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I've been thinking about you and hoping we'd hear good news about your scans.  This really brightens my day:) . Question--did they talk about a little break from the meds to see if that clears the hand and foot sores up more quickly?


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We talked about a break and I took one day off before starting the 40mg. We can take a longer break, if needed. My liver function was high so we will do a blood test next week to check that again. That may mean a week or more break to get that undercontrol. I have a lot of SEs but most are manageable. I could even stand the hand and foot sores if I needed too. 

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that is great news

i remember how hard this was on you and the children


i pray and pray this is the start of more good news


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I'm reading where a lot of folks get 1-2 years out of Cabo though. 

Then in two years who knows, they may have something even better! 

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I hope so!! I don't plan on dying anytime soon.

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..on cabo and it's still working.

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That is great and encouraging!

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Yes, yes, yes!!!

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Great news so happy for you. 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Keep up the good work-June

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Great news! There are many drugs out there that can keep cancer  a chronic illness. MY mom at 79 was diagnosed with stage 4 and had about 13 spots all over.  She started on Votrient and remained on 200 mgs a day and all her cancer disappeared. She is 86 next month. The side affects of these meds can be harsh and it works the liver. But many times they start with the highest dose, only to find out that even the lower doses work if they are going to work. Votrient is one of those drugs where they start at 800 mgs. It nearly killed my mom. But i read on the boards where someone was taking 100 mgs (yes the pharmacy was able to do it for him) and he did very well and so did his liver. So, if the doses are taxing your liver, opt for lower doses because many times they will take ppl off the drug that was helping them because of the liver when they really needed to just lower the dose. It might not work every time, but it works many times.  Glad you have good results. So many new things in the pipes. Go play tennis! Love your positivity! Hugs!

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