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1 year= 2 sets of scans

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Joined: Sep 2017

All NED I guess!!! I have one 4mm nodule that has stayed the same size now since the beginning and no one seems to worried about it so I will try and do the same!

Thank you ALL for all the help along the way!!

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Congratulations, Trucker.  Enjoy this news and have a nice celebration.


Gtngbtr58 @aol.com's picture
Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
Posts: 206
Joined: Oct 2017

Keep it up-June

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Joined: Aug 2017

enjoy the freedom and the road ahead

many Irish blessings


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Keep it up.





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Joined: Aug 2017

Time to celebrate!


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Joined: Mar 2017

Party time!!!!! Congrats to you.

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Joined: Feb 2018

Woo hoo!! Congrats to NED!! 


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Joined: May 2018

Great news!

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Canadian Sandy
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Glad to see that Trucker.  We joined this site and our journey roughly at the same time last year, so I've been keeping an eye on your progress (not in a weird way.  LOL )   Glad things are going down a good path!  Keep at it.

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Would it be wrong to say ain't wasting time no more, waiting for the can results? Been thinking of your week have a blast this weekend. 

Trucker1's picture
Posts: 82
Joined: Sep 2017

You got to let your Soulshine, better than the sunshine, better than the moonshine, damn sure better than the rain!!! We all reach down deep inside to fight/stand up to cancer it comes from deep inside somewhere. Writing and reading all of your stories gave me a since of calm when I needed it most.

Cybball- I rember the beginning it was a tough start glad you were along for the ride!!

Retcenturion- I have enjoyed each use of Allman bros lyrics in your post to me--Their music has Gotten me through LIFES best and worst of days!!


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Congrats Trucker...That's great news.  Like Cybball, we started this journey at about the same time.  I have my 2nd scan coming up in a few weeks and the "scanxiety" is starting.  So glad you're doing well.

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