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5 Years on

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Skagway Jack
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Hey all,  Just wanted to pass on some good karma.  A little background for those who dont know me:  After a severe incident of hemituria in July 2013 I was diagnosed with a largish tumour on my right kidney.  Surgery for a right renal nephrectomy in October resulted in the excision of a 5x7 cm Stage 1BMXN0.  Monitoring over the last 5 years has shown no recurrence.  A cyst on my left kidney has grown some from its intial detection in 2013 until now 1.4 cm, but I assured by my oncologisyt that this is not to worry about.  This years scan was a chest Xray and a Ultrasound.  Originally the doc said that there would be no further monitoring after this year, however he decided two more years of monitoring is in order.  When my surgeon in 2013 told me that kdiney cancer would not likely be what gets me....I heard that repeated again this year.  So I will count my lucky stars that I dodged this bullet so far and wish the same luck for my friends here on CSN.

Cheers,  Skagway


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Jack, thanks for shaing your news and the comments from your doctor.  For a lot of us your story provides hope---which is one thing that we cling to as we travel our cancer journey.  Try to pop in a little more often as it's great to catch up with you.

Take care,


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Skagway Jack
Posts: 224
Joined: Oct 2013

Stub,  Thanks will do, Good to hear from you.



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great to hear you hit the 5 year

and you are being looked after

great news all round

enjoy the sunshine and the roses

may you keep dodging


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Why stop at 5 years.?




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Skagway Jack
Posts: 224
Joined: Oct 2013

Iceman,    My scans will continue for at least a couple more years.  The doc had a medical student with him during our talk, and he admitted that no one really knows how long to monitor for recurrence. Im not sure what is standard? 

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Woo hoo! Great news. Happy for you, Skagway :)

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Nice hearing from you and specially hearing such great news Skagway!

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May 2013 date of my neph. Still plugging away, NED in August.  Doc has ordered CT without contrast for next year so am hopeful that things are going well. Husband has the same attitude that something else will get me.  I'll take that as I know I will go but don't want want to know ahead of time. Sounds weird but that's me. All the best to you for continued good news.


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Great news! Keep up the good work!

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Great news

So very happy for you

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Congratulations! In my perfect world cancer or any other slow disgusting disease won't be getting anyone at all. If someone has to die due to medical issues - let it be like my dad's death 12 years ago - instantly and painlessly without any prior warning, in his sleep in his own bad after a good day...

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Congrats !!! 

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Great news Skagway!! Keep up the monitoring, though!

I just cleared my 5-year too! Woo hoo!




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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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To hear good news-it seems like you've been lead in the right direction for the last five years, always better safe than sorry. Continued good health-June

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Good news about the 5 year survival, with cysts.

Funy how when you think the cancer is under control you can get back to worrying about the other things that can and may take you out.

Best Wishes for the future,


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