Update: Lupron with Zytiga?

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My dad is metastatic with bone lesions, diagnosed last fall. He has done 10 rounds of radiation on lumbar spine after a fracture, alongside Lupron + Casodex. He completed 15 rounds of IMRT last month that have left him feeling (side effects of course but) almost pain-free! He did develop a DVT + pulmonary embolism that hasn’t been a good time but Eliquis is now being administered to handle that.

He now has three oncologists on his team who have decided to drop Casodex from his drug regimen, continue quarterly Lupron, and will be starting Zytiga + prednisone today after a quick insurance approval that I’m feeling so grateful for. Lupron did not fail, but the team decided to treat more aggressively. I hope that is because they see a good chance at a long, good quality of life!

Of course I have read a lot online about it and this seems like a potential answer for the bone lesions. Anyone have any experiences, links, or advice to share?


This forum has been so helpful for me during all of this. Helps me learn what questions to ask. :)