lung cancer spread to stomach and lymph nodes

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A close friend has been diagnosed recently with stage 4 lung cancer which has spread to stomach and lymph nodes in his neck. He is 76 yrs old and had a heart attack ,he has had one treatment of chemo. Family was called in Sun but then Mon he rallied and was alert and ate . His EF heart rate is 20%. Can anyone tell me what is happening with this surge of alertness? What are his chances of survival? What should we look for and anticipate at this time? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Stage four lung cancer

    hey my dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer two months ago. It’s been really bad for him he had two chemo session so far but his tumor is still growing. My dada cancer was in his brain they removed that their hoping to slow it down keep it from growing or shrink it. its a hard Battle to go through but prayers and god can help us with everything. Does your friend have liquid ?