Fear is a liar!

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Cancer is a physical illness and does not have to be a mental or spiritual illness. I have only been dealing with PC for 1 year and at times I let it darken my spirit and my thinking. I have been selfish and inconsiderate to those around me. I have allowed the disease to take away some of todays because I was worried about tomorrow. 

There are days when I read others posts and allow the darkness to creep back in. I feel the pain in love ones, the fear of those with the disease and I get it! We all deal with this disease in different ways and I am clear that what works best for most of us is sharing our journey, connecting with others and allowing our fears and pain to be out in the open. I also believe and am trying to practice not allowing this disease to take today from me and my friends and family. 

Cancer can be lonely and scary! I get trapped some days thinking about what might happen and it is usually a negative thought. Why don’t we project positive outcomes, cures? Because of fear! I stumble across a great song lately called “Fear is a liar!” That title is what I need to lean on.
I have no clue what the future brings, never have and never will. However, when I look back at all the life hurdles I have faced, the outcomes were always way more positive than I projected. We have the power to be in today, in this moment and relish the gifts in front of us right now! I get some of us are really sick, and the treatments are hard, and I wish peace for each of you today. 

Let’s be a force of good, of helping those around us live with dignity and gratitude today. We can look for goodness each moment and try to be there for others. Sure, there will be days of anxiety, sickness, pain, and worry. Let’s try to shrink those to moments and look for the gifts, not the trials. 
Today I was experiencing some SEs and feeling sorry for myself. Then we played golf with my one son and later in the evening we had dinner with my 5 kids and 5 grandkids. Got to put the little ones on a merry go round, bought them ice cream and I just loved them. My kids were laughing and kidding each other, none of them was thinking about my cancer. I had the chance to see the awesome life I have with cancer. I am grateful for my life today and cancer is part of that I today I will not let it take my spirit! 

Together we can be strong and when needed lean on each other. Together we can learn together and help each other navigate this cancer journey. Together we can be a beacon of hope for those that come after us and a light of peace to those at the end stages. 

So today let us join together to say yes, we have cancer and we will not let it take our spirit, our peace of mind, and our ability to be the best men we can be for those around us! We got this it does not have us!!!!!


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    Full Speed

    Full Speed Ahead SubDenis!

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    Thanks SubDenis

    Heart warming post!

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    Slap in the Face

    Well placed slap in the face!  Very sobering!  

    Reminds me of the saying “Someday, we’re all going to die.  Until then, we’re not”!!!

    My first day in this forum looking for advice & inspiration such as your post.

    Thank you

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    Cheer up lads!https://www

    Cheer up lads!