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Inlyta (axititib) is working

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Posts: 233
Joined: Nov 2015

I got my PET/CT scan results after two months on axititib as a 3rd-line treatment: bone mets have decreased in size and soft tissue mets have resolved.

Praise God!

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Joined: Mar 2017

Great news.......great news indeed!

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Joined: Mar 2014

Super good news! So happy for you.

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Joined: Jul 2016

This is great news, Rhom.  May this ride last a looonnnggg time!  How are the SE?


rhominator's picture
Posts: 233
Joined: Nov 2015

Side Effects:

  • Fatigue, but not too bad.
  • Hand and Foot syndrome: fingertips sore, had to give up playing lead guitar--will try playing slide guitar; bottom's of feet sore, mitigated by thick wool socks and shoes.
  • Tongue is sensitive and dry mouth: a great weight loss plan--I put on weight with Opdivo, now I'm losing it. :)
  • Stiff and sore joints
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Joined: Sep 2016

That is great, seems very effective for just 2 months!

Gtngbtr58 @aol.com's picture
Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
Posts: 206
Joined: Oct 2017

I hope it's the beginning of only good results always-June

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Joined: Jun 2018

Such good news my man! Bless you! 

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Joined: Jan 2016

So happy for yoy!

Posts: 489
Joined: Aug 2017

well done

happy face



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Joined: Feb 2015

continued good results.  Keep it up!

Posts: 143
Joined: Jan 2017

That's so good to hear!!  You're definitely doing something right!!

Amy_Jo's picture
Posts: 70
Joined: Apr 2018

I have two large Mets to L- spine and T spine. Did the Opdivo ever slow or shrink your bone Mets? I'm currently on Opdivo only now my first scans showed they were stable and no growth. I'm wondering if I should use another med to battle my spinal Mets. I had kyphoplasty earlier this year. I'm having back pain again so I know I need to be proactive with my treatment. So happy for your good news that is amazing. 

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Posts: 233
Joined: Nov 2015

By itself, Opdivo didn't seem to have much impact on my L-spine and T-spine mets. But after radation treatment (while on Opdivo) they improved and now have completely resolved.

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Posts: 70
Joined: Apr 2018

Thank you for the insight. my oncologist offered radiation for my back due to increased pain. I had radiation prior to being on Opdivo/yervoy and it wasn't very successful. My spinal Mets are large. However maybe radiation along with Opdivo I might have some success. 

I appreciate your sharing. I'm so happy your treatment has been so successful. 

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Joined: May 2018

Great news!

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Joined: Oct 2013

Wishing you continued success!




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Joined: Mar 2018

So happy for your good news, Rhom. May it long continue!!

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Joined: Dec 2012

Hope it continues to work for you! Also glad SE are tolerable.


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Great news.  Hope you have continued success.

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