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Iowa City Patients out there

The Storm
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Joined: Jul 2018

IS anyone out there a patient of UIHC? I have some questions about Radiology Oncologists and specifically internal radiation.

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Joined: Jan 2018

I can't help you with the names of radiation oncologists in Iowa (I'm from the Chicago area). But you may want to read through the responses on the latest "roll call" to see if any of the ladies who responsed were treated in Iowa. 


Not everyone on that roll call checks in frequently on this discussion board, so if you find someone you can always send a private message to her.

If you have general questions about internal radiation you can always post them here. While I had only external radiation, other members had internal radiation and would be happy to share their experience.



The Storm
Posts: 20
Joined: Jul 2018

Thanks. I was curious about specific Dr's. I'm having external at a facility closer to home. But, I have to have internal in Iowa city. 

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My cousin was in Iowa City for Leukemia, and is a one year survivor. That doesn't help you much with the internal radiation, but they are a great hospital and I would be confortable having a treatment there for sure.

The Storm
Posts: 20
Joined: Jul 2018

I agree Im in a great place. My regular rad onc and gyn onc will recommend someone I just wondered if anybody on the board had had internal with any specific doc. Glad your cousn is doing well. 

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