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Scans on Friday-1 year

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Tomorrow is a year to the day that the Doc told me I had a kidney stone and small mass in my left Kidney. Friday is my secondad set of 6 month scans. I have been having a little rib pain on both sides,not sure if it's just from working hard or anxiety or both or the Big C is back to get me!! Overall feel pretty good though!! Scan on Friday, doc on Wednesday..Prayers and good vibes for me please. Ned is #1!!!


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Given how small your little buggar was my money is that the doctor has your file coded CYA being the only concern'




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Prayers going up for you. 

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Canadian Sandy
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Prayers sent.

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My first round of post op scans are coming up later this month - here's to hoping Uncle Ned visits us both!



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I'm just a little a head of you on the scheduled scans. The anxiety is bad but you'll get through it . Then you can "do the crazy things we used to do before" :-) sending the best positive thoughts to you and your loved ones.

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