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Responding to treatment

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I recently had scans to see if my treatment opdivo/yervoy is working. Prior to treatment I had nodules in both lungs lesion in groin liver and two large lesions on T spine and L spine. My scan showed my lungs were all clear and my groin was clear of metastatic disease. Lesions remain in my liver however they are smaller and the lesions on my spine show no change or growth. Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers. 

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That is amazing news!!! I couldn't be happier for you Amy jo!! I hope you feel up to celebrate! Thank you for keeping us updated. You are an inspiration. Take care, 



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I am so happy for you!! Praise the Lord. So do you now move to Opdivo every other week?

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Mark from what I understand I will continue on Opdivo every three weeks. I had a treatment on Monday of just the Opdivo. I have been feeling pretty rough. I had scans last week I was given IV and oral contrast. Also injected with nuclear medicine for bone scan. I wonder if my body is just reacting to all the junk it's been injected with. 

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I hope that is the case. It is rough to get all of those things injected in your body - hopefully you start feeling better soon. I just got my final combo infusion. Scans end of August. 

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I contacted my oncologist because I haven't felt to great since my last treatment. She explained that I'm getting a higher dose of the Opdivo so that could be why I was having increased side effects. She said I can get the higher dose every three weeks. I haven't had much of an appetite however I'm feeling better today. My body took time to adjust to my first combo treatments hopefully this will pass as well. I will keep you in my prayers hoping your scans show good results. 

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I'm hopeful you have a long ride on the opdivo/yervoy treatment.  Enjoy this great news!

Thanks for sharing.


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Canadian Sandy
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Wonderful newS Amy! 

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Great news!  Keep on getting better!


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I am so happy for you! That's fantastic news.

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Hope it's the beginning of only good news-June

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I'm so happy for you!!

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So happy for you! Fingers crossed for continued success!


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Great news Amy!! I’m really happy for you!!

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Wonderful, wonderful news!

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This is so wonderful! Keep going!



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So happy for you, stay strong!

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This rules Amy Jo! So excited for you! 

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Wow! This is great news! I am so happy for you!

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I just wanted to say thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping this is the beginning of good news and renewed life. So thankful for all the support and guidance you guys have given.  

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So happy for you! Stay healthy and look forward for more good news.

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You are an inspriation.  My husband is getting his second treatment of opdivo/yervoy on Monday.  We won't have a scan for another month or two.  Hoping it works as good as you.

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I am so happy to hear this news! I have been so worried about you. This must be a huge relief. Are there other ways they can treat the liver? I hope so. 


SO GLAD to hear this!!

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As of now they are only advising the Opdivo/yervoy treatment. I pray that eventually my scans would show NED but for now I'm pleased with my results so far. I'm happy knowing my situation is improving. Hoping my next scans show even more improvement. JoeyZ thank you for thinking of me. All the support and prayers are so appreciated. 

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I pray for you every day

sending you strength and very best wishes


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Annie your prayers are so appreciated. I will be thinking of you as well. 

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Wishing you a continued succes in your treatment!

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Excellent news that the immunotherapy seems to be helping.  It takes time, and the liver lessions may just need a little longer than the lung nodules to fully respond.

I am delighted that we can be having discussions like this about the efficacy of these new drugs.

Hope you get to full CR in coming months.

Best wishes,


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