PSA Rising: NOW What??

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I have metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer.  Brief summary follows, with details on my "About Me" page:

Journey started April 2013.  Had radical prostatectomy in June 2013. At time of surgery, cancer also found in 4 of 12 extracted lymph nodes.  But when PSA began rising in fall of 2013, I have followed that surgery up with the following:

  • 7 weeks pelvic bed radiation therapy,
  • hormone deprivation therapy,
  • XOFIGO radiation injection therapy,
  • phase 3 clinical trial participation combining Xtandi and Tecentriq (failed),
  • chemotherapy w/Taxotere (bad allergic reaction) and
  • now about to have 7th Jevtana infusion (tomorrow) ....

Throughout all this, starting in April 2017, various scans showed mets throughout skeletal area from thighs through spine, ribs & shoulders. 

  • PSA rose all the way to 312 in February this year (so then started chemo). 
  • PSA then decreased all the way to 40.1 by July 18th. 
  • PSA INCREASED to 59.4 on August 7th.

So .... what now???  I will be visiting with medical oncologist tomorrow ...... 

(Since March, I have been taking methadone 10mg twice daily & prednisone 10mg daily.  Fortunately, throughout all this, I am feeling good, I have had very little pain if any at all, & I am able to do most anything.   I aggressively walk 4 miles daily.)



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    Very advanced status

    I am sorry for the situation. I hope your oncologist has something that manages to hold the bandit. However, your advanced status may bring more of what has been used. I think that you should try keeping some quality of life, not just treatment.

    Best of wishes for tomorow's meeting.