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Lymphoma with bonemarrow biopsy

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So I had a bonemarrow biopsy done a week ago. Dr seemed nonchalant and did say I should get a second opinion with Moffit..which I’m Ok with..but she did say she wants me to have 2 iron infusions one week apart..it seems my body does not absorb it well...

also  have a history of low grade b lymphoma...the report says..there are significant numbers of nodular and well circumscribed lymphoid aggregates comprised of small lymphoid cells with dense chromatin....with T cell predominance. The number of aggregates seen is somewhat atypical. Reticulin stain shows moderate fibrosis within the lymphoid aggregate....so now I’m seeing that B cells are less but more T cells.....does anyone have any idea?....I see a dr in 2days..and wanted your opinion...also has anyone had an iron infusion?

thank you so much for any feedback!!!!

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Hi Lauraisabel,  So sorry you are continuing to have bone marrow problems.  Given your history I think a second opinion is a really good idea.  You did not specify if your doctor was a dedicated Hemotologist or if he/she also treats other types of cancer.  I think it's best to have a doctor who only sees blood cancers and hemotologic diseases.  

My blood was showing low iron, for non specific reasons.  The cause was never found and over a 2 year period I became pretty animic.  I had 3 of the recommended 6 or 8 iron infusions.  The first was ok, the second I was sick for 3 days, the third I was sick for almost a week, worse than my 2 times with heavy duty chemo.  After a few month we switched to a different iron formula.  I had 2 infusions which were easier to tolerate but was a little ill with the second and would have refused a third.  After the last infusion my iron, ferritan and other level were way to elevated.  I was told not toworry as due to the infusions.  Over the past 1 12 years my counts did not return to normal.  In January I was diagnosed with a Myloproliferative Neoplasm ( bone marrow cancer).  First thing my Hemo/Onc said was, I've seen this happen with iron infusions before.  Now I am dealing with a cancer that can not be put into remission and creates many other health problems.  I'm not trying to scare you just telling you my experience with iron infusions.  I know there are other members who have had iron infusins, Max is one of them, and has had no problems.  I may just be an odd duck.  

I wish you the best.  Please let us know what you decide to do.



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Thank you so much for the info....my oncologist is also a hemotologist....tomorrow I see another one at Moffitt...what I see is that a lot of things that we have to take to help us also hurts us...I know they want me to continue with rituxin....I hope Max can tell me how he felt After his iron infusion ..also my bonemarrow shows more T cell activity...I will le you know what they say...So you never really felt better?...after the iron? Which Max was the one that got infusio?

thank you


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Laura, I responded regarding iron infusions on your other thread.  Please take a look there.


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