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Darkening/Bluish Nails

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Mother is going through 2nd round of chemo of Carbo and Taxol. Today morning she had a black/blue colour on the lunula/cresent of 3-4 nails - more prominent on the thumbs. Her hemoglobin also seems to have gone down. Has anyone experienced this? Seeing a doctor tomorrow but any advice is appreciated.

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BNT, I do think there can be several reasons for this, so I wouldn't want to speculate.  The doctor should be better able to assist you, and please, let us know what he said and how your mother is doing.

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But I thought I read that others have had this happen to them, and it's not uncommon. One of my toenails wound up with a little purple on it, and I KNOW I didn't injure it by being a klutz. 

And blood levels can be really off (down) thanks to chemo.

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I think nailbeds reveal a lot about one’s health. Nurses and doctors are taught to assess nailbed color and changes in the texture and appearance of the nailbed. The oncologist will be able to identify possible contributing factors or causes of the changes you see in the nails. Great question! Personally, I think my nails had changes but they were white lines across some of my toenails. Polish probably isn’ t that healthy for your nails but sure make us feel better-love a pedicure anytime! 


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