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Articles: 1. Helicobacter pylori infection and all-cause mortality 2. Vitamin C and chemo 3. Melatonin

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I have always wondered if Helicobacter pylori (the ulcer bacteria) has any relationship with colon cancer.  This small preliminary study seems to indicate infection may be negatively related to colorectal cancer survival.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I plan to ask my doctor about it on my next visit.


Our findings suggest that H. pylori infection may be a risk factor for all-cause mortality among CRC patients who are evaluated by PET/CT.

Plus, since I am posting articles, here is an interesting preliminary article about Vitamin C as an adjunct to chemo:


This approach was based on the study of the combination of high concentrations of AA [Vitamin C] with reduced concentrations of drugs conventionally used in CRC patients and eligible for first and second line chemotherapeutic regimens, namely 5-fluorouracilo (5-FU), oxaliplatin (Oxa) or irinotecan (Iri). The evaluation of the potential synergy between the compounds was first assessed in vitro in three CRC cell lines with different genetic background and later in vivo using one xenograft animal model of CRC. AA and 5-FU act synergistically in vitro just for longer incubation times, however, in vivo showed no benefit compared to 5-FU alone. In contrast to the lack of synergy seen in in vitro studies with the combination of AA with irinotecan, the animal model revealed the therapeutic potential of this combination. AA also potentiated the effect of Oxa, since a synergistic effect was demonstrated, in almost all conditions and in the three cell lines. Moreover, this combined therapy (CT) caused a stagnation of the tumor growth rate, being the most promising tested combination. Pharmacological concentrations of AA increased the efficacy of Iri and Oxa against CRC, with promising results in cell lines with more aggressive phenotypes, namely, tumors with mutant or null P53 expression and tumors resistant to chemotherapy.

Melatonin and 5FU work together (abstact only): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30091203


Melatonin suppresses tumor development. However, the exact relationship between melatonin and cancer stem cells (CSCs) is poorly understood. This study found that melatonin inhibits colon CSCs by regulating the PrPC -Oct4 axis. In specimens from patients with colorectal cancer, the expressions of cellular prion protein (PrPC ) and Oct4 were significantly correlated with metastasis and tumor stages. Co-treatment with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and melatonin inhibited the stem cell markers Oct4, Nanog, Sox2, and ALDH1A1 by downregulating PrPC . In this way, tumor growth, proliferation, and tumor-mediated angiogenesis were suppressed. In colorectal CSCs, PRNP overexpression protects Oct4 against inhibition by 5-FU and melatonin. In contrast, Nanog, Sox2, and ALDH1A1 have no such protection. These results indicate that PrPC directly regulates Oct4, whereas it indirectly regulates Nanog, Sox2, and ALDH1A1. Taken together, our findings suggest that co-treatment with anti-cancer drug and melatonin is a potential therapy for colorectal cancer. 

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I'm glad you mentioned this.  I have a strong feeling, but I don't have any scientific bases to support this, that my colon cancer was brought about because of that ulcer.  I am not clinically diagnosed with ulcer, but I have skyrocketing hyperacidity that even if its only an hour after I've eaten, I'll get the acid feels again.  Its that burning sensation that makes you think you're hungry.  I've had it since childhood, it got worse after I gave birth, and it was around that time that I was officially diagnosed with colon cancer.  I could feel it too when I'm stressed, and I guess it is what feeds the cancer.  I sure hope it doesn't affect mortality, because I can feel that sensation every time and I hope its not contributing to cancer recurrence.  I hope my lung met was the first and last met I'll ever have to deal with. 

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60 % of gastric cancers are caused by H Pylori so maybe one or mutations migrate or

cause CRC.

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1.  Cimetidine was the first block buster drug used with ulcers, since associated with H pylorii.  Cimetidine has unusual, favorable properties that other ulcer drugs, the proton pump inhibitors don't have.  Somewhere in there, it seems like several important CRC possibilities attach. 

1600 mg of cimetidine/day was the first drug my wife had after her cancer diagnosis, thanks to Life Extension Foundation's referenced cancer articles, along with all those "crazy" anticancer nutraceuticals we tried. Then she got "lucky" with lot of her tumor masses turning to granulocytic mush, like in one of the papers. (other cimetidine papers showed other mechanisms)

2.  A year later, we compared freshly removed para-aortic lymph nodes' continued 5FU chemosensitivity with iri-, oxi-, gemacitabine combinations against 5FU - Vitamin C with K2/K3 combos.  The latter won hands down.  The lab person, probably incredulous and rechecking everything, quit communicating with us for 2-3 weeks when this happened.  We don't fight the iatrogenic chemo  problems everyone else does and my wife "mysteriously" survives grim stats with a number of treatments seemingly funky and futile to oncologists.

I actually do have an experimentalist industrial background.  I consulted various mainstream and "wild" MD, ND experts from the start and/or read their papers.  I have read thousands of papers and myriads of abstracts, so these weren't totally random selections done capriciously.     

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You find so many good reads SandiaBuddy. Maybe I can get you do some research for my condition too... I seem to be a medical marval myself these days! Missed yet another chemo session with my husband because I was in the ER not once but twice this week with my Idopathic Angioedema flaring up. Between my husband and I we will soon have a new wing at the hospital named for us, they are making a fortune on us! LOL

Thanks for the read!


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Link for your condition: link

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You really didn't have to but THANK YOU! It's just so infurating that my husband is so sick and I can't be there because out of nowhere I swell up. My condition seems so frivoulus compared to his, but really it's not. My airway often swells, making it difficult to breath. Thank you so much for the link! 

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