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Elevated ca27-29 need opinion

Had breast cancer in 1984, 1.8 cm no nodes. Had lumpectomy and radiation. Recurrence in 1999 in scar tissue. Had mastectomy and reconstruction. Five years of tamoxifen.


2013 stage 3 colon cancer with one node in 8 taken, left colon. Surgery followed by Folfox. Cea and scans all good each year and colonoscopy good last year. My doctor had stopped ordering ca27-29 in 2013 and replaced with CEA. In January she ordered the ca27-29 and it came back 50. Repeat four weeks later 49. In July 63. She ordered cat scan and bone scan and both were normal. Mammogram also normal.

We are repeating blood work in four weeks. Her only thought was inflammation from gallstones but I have no pain.


Long story but wondering what others have experienced after increasing markers as far as time before recurrence. CEA is in range but elevated from before. Always .5 now 1.5. Sorry for long story.


  • Twinzma
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    I would inquire if they

    I would inquire if they switched labs. They did this with my husband and it gave us quite the scare a few weeks back. Also even the most mild of infection can cause the markers to rise... yet another scare we had! Hope all is well for you and it is just a fluke.