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PICC line

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Is a Picc line painful?  Someone told me that it was and that I should ask for a Port.  Is a PICC line more painful than a port, or is it painful if you have had a PICC line?

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From my perspective the picc line was preferrable since it is temporary.  Also, I quit oxilplatin after only one treatment, so I am glad I did not have the port.  I assume you are going for oxi/capecitabine?

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I am really double posting in this group, as well as the anal cancer group, because you seem to have more postings and some of the same issues.  It actually will be 5Fu and mitomycin, but for a relatively short period of time during the treatment. 

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I had a picc line for 10 months and what I experienced and what I saw I would have the same thing again. Placement is not painful at all and after a while it was a part of me.

Best luck with everything!

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