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Stem Cell Injections for ED post Robotic Prostactemy

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Wanted to know if anyone on this board has or knows someone who has tried stem cell injections for post surgery ED.  Results claim improvement from severe to mild ED issues.  





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There have been a lot of fuse on stem cell therapies but not much has been passed to the open public for the ethics involved. In the case of ED, this is a cause from disrupted or dissected nerves not for the lack of the prostate, and in such regard, the repair of nerves using muscle stem cells seem to be an option but this have been found in laboratory trials that used animal models in their researches (to certain types of nerve bundles). No much is known and nothing has been approved for use in humans, in fact FDA has ringed alarms in its use for whatever purposes one tries to be involved.

Here are some links;



In Europe there are a series of clinics offering stem cell therapies for various purposes but in terms of ED I think they aim those people suffering ED not as a cause of PCa surgery. In fact I wonder which cells they aim in these revolutionary therapies. Each clinic site seems to advertize more than explaining details how do they assure successes. It seems to be more for a commercial intent.

In my times uro-sexologists specialists in PCa post RP used to recommend nerve grafting for repairing of injured nerve bundles. As an alternative we were also lined to the easy and traditional pump or viagra type of drugs.

I would like to know what took you to inquire on the matter. Is your doctor suggesting the therapy to you?

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My doctor is now using stem cells during surgery on some of his patients to promote faster nerve recovery----no results as all are very recent.  My doctor did not suggest stem cell injection---I had just seen the therapies advertised and wanted to see if anyone on the boards had tried it and if they had any success.






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