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Terribly worried about NewHere

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Joined: Jan 2013

He is not answering my messages, which is unusal. 

Mods, can you help me track him down, please. He has not posted since February.


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Joined: Sep 2014

Since February?? That is scary. I hope someone can find out what's going on.


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Joined: Jan 2017

hear anything??  AlsoBellen hasn’t been on for a long time either     I rarely post these days, but always read,,,,

Trubrit's picture
Posts: 5218
Joined: Jan 2013

They have always been very helpful in the past.  

And yes, Bellen has gone missing. Have you sent her a message via CSN? 


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Joined: Jul 2017

I remember sending a PM to NewHere before when he was about to start on TCM.  He replied a few days after, saying he doesn't get notified of messages.  I think he's doing fine. I believe he had a treatment plan/course of action and that he was holding off chemo for a while.  It would be good to hear from him as him and I are bit of on the same plan of action.

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