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Immunotherapy for non-MSI-H cancer

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This article caught my eye because it talks about the succcess rate for treatment of Microsatellite stable tumors using Keytruda combined with Lenvima. It's important because currently, to qualify for Keytruda, your cancer has to be microsatellite unstable, which eliminates a lot of people (including some members of this forum). However, the combination of the two drugs, when fully FDA approved, will open the use of immunotherapy to many more of us. Hallelujah! 


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Thanks so much for sharing this article Bobbi! I’ll be keeping this on file since I’m microsatellite stable. This is good news. I hope you continue to improve. I’m thinking of you. 

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I am MSI-H, so will be eligible anyway, but I'm so happy for everyone here who will also now have this option!  Bobbi, have you noticed any side effects?

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Hi Armywife, thanks for asking. I've been having exhaustion for the last couple of weeks, which is a common side effect. But I'm also anemic and underweight so that's prolly not helping, either. Other than that, no side effects, mercifully !

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I know how relieved I felt last year when Keytruda was approved for anyone with microsatellite instability who has a new tumor after initial treatment – knowing that if my cancer recurred in the future there may be another, potentially more effective treatment than traditional chemotherapy.

 I'm glad that this option is now available for others who are microsatellite stable. Even if it's never needed, just knowing this may be an option is a comforting thought.

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This is good to know.  Just one more weapon in the arsenal!!  I hope this continues to work for you!!



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