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Just curious...

Asking those who have a lot of experience with ADT...

As I keep looking into the effects of prolactin on testosterone production, I came across this...

What can you do to lower your prolactin levels?

1.Supplement with vitamin B6

Studies have found that by supplementing a single 300mg dose of pyridoxine –  vitamin B6, not only will you boost testosterone, you will also decrease your Prolactin levels [2].

Just wondering if guys on ADT have been warned not to take multivitamins with excessive B6... The excessive levels of B6 in multivitamins are astonishing...

The multivitamin I take has 3000% Daily Value of B6!!!

If I was on ADT and taking this brand, wouldn't that be like throwing water on a fire, and then throwing gasoline on the fire before it goes out, requiring more water to be thrown on the fire?

It seems to me that a patient should be warned not to supplement Vitamin B6 while on ADT... it's possible lower doses would be effective and therefore side effects would be lessened... Also, higher prolactin levels would compliment the action of the ADT in testosterone/androgen suppression. 

If your body is ingesting supplemental Vitamin B6 and ADT at the same time, they are working against each other.

Has anyone been warned of  this by their Medical Oncologist?

 The reason I am looking into this... when my GP was telling me to take low dose aspirin to thin my blood and prevent clots like DVT, her clinic was also selling me a multivitamin with excessive Vitamin K... the blood clotting vitamin. The fact is, so many vegetable foods have Vitamin K, its not really a necessary supplement in a multivitamin.

Most doctors don't think about the interaction between the meds they prescribe and the supplements on the market. I am wondering if this is another interaction between ADT meds and B6 and prolactin and testosterone levels.

Just wondering....


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    Vitamin B6


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    Wife's multi

    I just checked a bottle of Women's Multivitamin 55 and over...

    There are only 6mg or 300% of Vitamin B6

    In the Men's 45 and over... There are 60mg or 3000% of Vitamin B6!

    It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that 10x amount of B6 is intended to boost testosterone levels in older men!

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    I was on b6 and adt and my

    I was on b6 and adt and my testosterone is very very low 2.5 yrs after taking firmagon.

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    was the B6 a prescribed supplement? I am trying to imagine how increasing the testosterone levels would be a good thing. Admittedly, if the androgen receptors in the prostate cells were inhibited by ADT, then further production of testosterone would not be a bad thing.

    But if there are two classes of ADT drugs... one that inhibits the androgen receptors in the prostate cell, and another that inhibits androgen production... I can see where in the first case B6 supplements would be encouraged. That would be in your case, artie.

    But in ADT where androgen production is inhibited, or the desired result is inhibited androgen production, I would guess that excessive B6 supplements would be counter productive.

    Well... I am just trying to understand how androgen reception by prostate cell receptors work to stimulate cell activity and replication. 

    If it were me, and the ADT drug I was taking was designed to inhibit androgen production, I would only take the prescribed amount of B6 for an average adult... not 3000%. 

    If the ADT drug I was taking was only designed to inhibit androgen reception, then maybe I would consider taking excessively high amounts of B6 to enable testosterone production.

    I don't know enough about which ADT drugs are which. Hopefully, I will never have to know.