Have been gone for awhile-latest CT shows a 3mm lung nodule

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Have been well since I was diagnosed with RCC back in Dec 2016.  I was retired, but went back to work after my Right kidney was removed Jan 2017, so I have been pretty busy.

CT scan yesterday shows a 3mm lung nodule. Five months ago when I had a CT, the nodule was only 2mm. So, it has changed. I called for my results but the urologist nurse would not tell me anything except that the doctor wants to talk to me about having a PET.

Other than watching a small probable cyst on the remaining kidney, I have had good scans. So, even Stage 1 RCC spreads to lungs?

Can anybody help me to deal with this new anxiety???









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    Oh dear

    Well you don’t  know the whole story yet so I pray this is a false alarm

    what size was the original tumour

    ths is the news you never want them to say to you so sending you strength 


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    I thank you Annie

    My tumor was 4.3cm. Had no symptoms when it was found, just happened to find it after complaining about my fatty liver disease. Kidney was removed with clear margins, had a PET scan in 2017, no other cancer was found. This module is new.

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    Nine months before I was diagnosed with RCC, I lost my husband to cancer.  Spent 7 months taking care of him. Unfortunately, his lymphoma was a rare one that chemo couldn't touch. He passed away from sepsis from that tumor.

    So, I am in high anxiety facing bad news and CT scans all over again.


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    Ooh Not what you expect

    i am sure some of the more experienced folk will be along soon

     but if it concerning a vats treatment will remvove

    then  bsck to cancer free

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    What kind of treatment?

    vats? What's that? That's a new one on me.

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    Hopefully nothing




    About 7 or 8 years after my Neph I had some chest CT's for other stuff and these smalll nodules showed up. I believe they were like 3, 4 and 5 mm. These are normal unless they grow or are closer to 10mm in which case they biopsy them. I wouln't call the difference between 2 and 3 mm that alarming. They will watch and wait. Again small lung nodules are normal for those inside and outside our club.



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    Thanks for that bit of infoalso

    I have been so blessed that I haven't had any bad Ct scans till now. My PCP just prescribed an anti-depressant/anxiety medication. Trying to get my new normal life started, then worry about it already spreading.

    Again, thanks for sharing and hoping others that have had this experience will share. I have missed keeping in touch with those that are part of this group. It does help to be able to reach out and share what we are all going through. 


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    Callyco -

    Been wondering how you've been doing. Sorry to hear about the wee lung bit, but  as has been pointed out - fortunately, that's quite small. 

    The anti anxiety meds sound like a good thing to try. Too bad you get to start them while being super stressed out. It may be something, it may be nothing, but since it's small, maybe you could talk to those stress vibes about strangling the little sucker while they're still hanging around. It's worth a try.

    Keep us posted - !

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    I will continue to post

    Just got so busy with working again, and too, I got extremely depressed when I saw that a couple from the group had passed. I couldn't cope with the news. Now I see how important it is to share our experiences with others. You feel so alone in this walk, no one understands this process except those that are going through the same thing.

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    I'm so sorry you now have

    I'm so sorry you now have this anxiety to deal with. I can totally relate as they found a tiny nodule on my lung too last CT in October. I agree that 2 - 3 mm growth is not necessarily bad news. It could be just the difference in how the scan was read. From what I heard and read lung nodules if mets tend to grow pretty quickly so just 1 mm in five months doesn't sound like it's a met. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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    I finally got to view my test results. The original nodule is gone. This one is a new nodule 3-4mm. Radiology report read to re-scan in 3-6 months. Rest of the test was NED. waiting for an appointment with an oncologist for his opinion.

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    sending good thoughts

    My tumor that was removed a few months ago was the same size and stage as yours. I try not to worry about it, but at times the worry creeps in. I can imagine all the emotions you're feeling at the moment. It made me feel better to read what Icemantoo wrote. Bodies are strange things. After my surgery I've started seeing a therapist to talk through the medical trauma and my anxiety (obviously still a work in process). I also began going to acupuncture regularly last fall before the surgery. I don't know if that's an option for you, we have a low cost, sliding scale clinic in my community, and it has helped tremendously with my stress and anxiety. Sending you good, healing, peaceful thoughts! You're not alone in this journey :) 

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    Thanks for good thoughts

    it is wonderful that we have this outlet to discuss our fears and anxieties. It has definitely helped me to gather feelings and emotions and try to get back to living.

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    I think this is too small and too early for you to worry about. If you can, don't worry. It doesn't help. I know that's easier said than done.

    I've had some lymph nodes a time or two wish small differences like this. It was explained to me that often these things aren't round and catching them at a different angle can make them look bigger. Also, some of these random things grow and shrink with time based on your health depending on what they are.

    Hope you can relax and just wait and see. You're a long way from having it shown you have a recurrence. Of course you should do the followup, whatever they want you to do, and keep an eye on it. Still, there's a great chance it's nothing.

    Best to you,


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    Thanks Todd

    For you input. I did get an appointment with an oncologist for July 31st. I will see what he recommends. When they discovered a smaller nodule 6 months ago, I saw a pulmonary doctor who was not concerned. He said, those that small can come and go and not to scan it for a year. But the Urologist wanted this scan and it showed the original nodule almost invisible But the new one at 3-4mm.

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    It always causes us worry.

    It always causes us worry. How can it not? I have two different opinions on brain lesions. So waiting around until someone decides to do another MRI. It's darned hard not to worry. Also have lung "somethings" and oncologist says, naw, no worry, it's nothing. It's not 'nothing' to me!!! So waiting for the next CT scan in a month.

    Wait, wait and wait some more. I hate waiting. I have NO patience. I guess this is teaching it to me slowly.

    We DO understand how you feel. 

    By the way, I love your picture. That's a beautiful sweater. Looks like you made it!

    Hang tough. Keep us posted.

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    Thanks for the sweater compliment

    unfortunately, I did not knit it. Wish I could. Seems like every scan something different shows up, I go into panic mode. And I see it is time for me to start with an oncologist who has more experience with other cancers besides kidney.  It is a battle to keep on going without giving in, but, we are here for a reason. My Urologist said I had my cancer for a long time. When I felt those crazy pains back in 2014, I wished they had scanned my kidneys then, I would have found the cancer then. That's in the past, and I live for today, and hope for the future. Faith has made me a stronger person and I get mad when I fall and let the anxieties take over. All that does is weaken the system when we know that we have to keep stress and worry behind us. So hard to do.

    Love the Pickachu hat!

    Keep holding on to hope and faith.


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    Hi Callyco, I am sorry to

    Hi Callyco, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from anxiety which I have also been suffering. Even tiny little muscle ache  I can link it with RCC... Regarding lung nodule, there are whole bunch of different causes especially when it is small and most of them are benign (see the link below). In your bio, you mentioned stage 2 and this thread you mentioned the tumour size is only 4.3 cm. Do you actullay mean Stage 1 Grade 2 instead? Anyways, I don't think you should worry about it, let's try to focus on the facts ;)

    All the best!


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    Oops you're right

    Stage 1 grade 2. Thanks for sending the link, I'll check that out.

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    Other treatment available


    Radiology is quite subjective and sometimes imprecise. Wait and see. But it is not that rare to find metastasis has occured, and with RCC it often takes about 18 months or more to show up in scans.

    However if it does turn out to be a Met, there are still options. 

    I am one of the lucky ones who had their mRCC completely reversed by immunotherapy (Ipi/Nivo combination) and that is becoming more and more popular with clinical oncologsits. 

    Stay strong and positive,

    Best wishes,