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Found out I was anemic back in April of this year and then diagonoised with colon cancer in May had right side surgery to remove tumor and 12 inches of colon on May 31.  Pathology report came back with T3N0MO clear margins and no perforation.  Surgeon and oncologist both say no chemo.  However, its been 9 weeks after surgery and now seeing blood in stool.  Has anyone experienced similar symptons. 

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 That's kind of strange.  I had the same post surgical prognosis but I was still given the full on stage 3 follow up chemo.  Mine was quite low in the colon and touched the rectum so it was diagnosed as rectal cancer versus colon.   You should schedulle a colonoscopy asap.  I just had one a month ago and they found two polyps.  Cancer has a way of trying a second assult sometimes.

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Yes, the more I read on here the more I'm thinking another onc.   My second meeting with him i had to remind him what i had done.   The colonscopy i had was done in May so I put a call into the surgeon and waiting to hear back. 

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From my perspective, a prompt colonoscopy or CT sounds appropriate.  Personally, I would do a lot of research about chemo before I sought it out.  I have found that almost always you need to be proactive to get what you want from the doctors and medical community.  Best of luck.

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A second opinion is always a good option especially when you are no questioning the opinion of your doctor.  My second opinion doctor was much more realistic to me and seemed to explain things better than the first.  If you are questioning your doctor now, don't hesitate getting a second opinion because this is your life and your future you are talking about.  Better to do treatment now and possibly have a better future than be resistant because you just aren't sure (if another doctor recommends it).  Wishing you the best.  Knowledge is power.


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