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Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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I am a 71 year old female who had a skin tag for 2-3 years and finally had it removed a week ago.  Pathology report came back and stated findings were SCC, my DR. was shocked by this as was I.  The margins were good, it was superficially invasive and it was decided I should go back in to have the roots cauterized.

Now I cannot get an appointment to go back in for a month as my DR. will be out of the office, so my questions is this,  once they removed the skin tag are the roots still living?  I have considered a Deermatologist even though my Dr. did not think it necessary but I have other growths that should be checked and I have read that SCC often comes back. I hate when I  hear "I think you can wait a month", or I don't think you need a Dermatologist.  My father had colon cancer and they told him they "thought" they had it all and he  passed away from it.  Anyway any advice or comments would be appreciated.



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Hi Kerry

I am 60 yr old female. My SCC CIS I think... stage 1 or stage o biopsy came back Friday.  I had small red patch on my butt, they removed the entire lesion to send to lab As well, they want me back at end of month.  I freaked out and wanted to come back tomorrow before I leave for holiday.  They want to “ scrape and burn any roots as well”. I was driving them crazy with coming in sooner, but they convinced me the lesion is OFF and any remaining “area” really isnt going anywhere in 2 weeks.  It actually did make sense when I thought about it.

I would like to get the word out, that SCC comes in ALL shapes, sizes and colors!  Often does not look like pictures on google... I had mine for about 6 months or so, caught very early.  If anything looks “different “ and most important doesn’t go away, go to see your Dermo.


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I was diagnosed with an scc in situ on left cheek under eye.  Has anyone had it spread to nodes from this location?  ive had bcc mohs and frozen.  this one has me a little nervous.

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with all kinds of cancer starting back in 2015.....Basel and then by 2017 SCC....no fun.  Surgery on my face where the surgeon said I'd be back for more made me think I better check out alternatives myself and deal with it.  After the surgery, I went back for a so called full body scan where a bunch of young student doctors playing around banged the back of my left elbow with liquid nitrogen, calling the spots suspicioius; well that opened up a huge area on the topside of my left arm so I banged it with Black Salve.  Wow, my Arm swelled up and so I went to another Derm and with a biopsy proving it was SCC, I told him of what I did and said, it's probably going to heal on itself so he scheduled me for surgery 40 days later.....guess what ?  I was right....it healed up and Doc said, well, it looks like no surgery for you !  He was pissed !  hahaha.  Meanwhile, I found all kinds of SCC on my face, ears, cheeks, and under my ear area of my neck.  I healed them all with diligence and Black Salve, I tried all of the other remedies but they had no response in healing my condition.  Now, I went to another Derm and told her my symptom was when I tested warm water with my left index and ring finger, I could feel the itch on the topside of my wrist area and suspected SCC.  She exclaimed she could only do a biopsy so I allowed her.  She maserated the tumor instead of a standard biopsy so I stayed quiet and humble throughout the procedure.  10 days later, her assistant called telling me to return and have the stitches removed that it was only fatty tissue.  I did as requested and no follow up was suggested.  I returned home and by the next morning tumor cells were popping out under my wrist area and then I realized what that idiot did.  I immediately applied Black Salve and had to chase all the mess clean back to my elbow again.  I'm having a rough time but I'm realizing why the slow healing as compared to other healings is because of irritation, and I believe this is resulting in more inflammation which is matastizing other areas of my left arm.  I remember when I was 25, a very Good Derm told me, "Knowing what I know about your skin, you're going to have serious skin problems when you get older."  I felt sun blockers would be okay but now I'm 63, I see what he was saying.  I worked on the water well over 15 hours a day for 6 days a week during the school summers, it's showing up now from those many years of work.  Stay strong, don't give up.  More veggies, and cut out all sugars.  You'll get use to it.  Double up on Vitamin C....I'm up to 6000mg a day, it's a tough one, but I'm tough too !  

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