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Question on nausea

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Hi all, I’ve got a 4.1 cm mass on the top of my kidney that I am scheduled to have removed in less than two weeks via robotic surgery. My outlook in that regards is likely quite good and while I am not looking forward to the surgery, I am not getting all that anxious about it And consider myself lucky that it was caught pretty early. My question is related to what are Maybe some non-traditional symptoms. 

I’ve been having some sporadic nausea and vomiting for the last two months. Nausea is almost every day but not constant and vomiting is happening maybe 3-7 times a week. It’s not completely debilitating but obviously can limit activities a bit (vomiting in public generally being frowned upon). This started after shoulder surgery in May so at first I thought maybe it was in relation to the Vicodin or anesthesia. Now nearly a month from taking any narcotics so that doesn’t seem to be it. My GP has been a bit baffled and gave me zofran which had little effect and then phenergan which works better (but makes me a bit of a zombie). He wanted me to go to a gastric doc but after a the past six weeks of MRIs (x4), x-rays and a CT scan I really am not in the mood to be poked or prodded again.

My urologist thought could be something odd related to the mass pressing on a nerve. I also have some bouts of pain that can be severe in back and side along with a fairly constant sensation of pressure. The pain is sporadic enough that it’s mostly not an issue, but the nausea is keeping me at home (luckily can do my job from here as well).

My searches haven’t come up with much of an explanation for the nausea related to the kidney mass. Has anyone else had something similar caused by their dark passengers (what my wife likes to call it)? Am really hoping the surgery takes care of this symptom!

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Maybe see that gastro doctor. Ther test of choice is an Endoscopy.An Endo. picks up things not seen by an MRI or CT scan. Possibly just the tumor pressing on a nerve which will disappear after the surgery.




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my husband had this for a year or so before being diagnosed. Vomiting quit after kidney was removed.  Never found out the why of the vomiting, but perhaps bodies way of saying “hey pay attention, something is wrong”?  Best of luck to you.

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Thanks for the responses. Glad to hear not the only one to have experienced this. Also have had some strange neurological symptoms (muscle spasms and such) that have pre-dated this for a couple of years and that I went to a neurologist for last month. She also thought it could just be my body’s reaction to something being wrong. We’re waiting to see what happens to those too. I’ll wait and see if it all goes away post-OP. Less than 10 days to go so probably wouldn’t get to far with gastro in that time anyway. Thanks again!

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What got me to the doctor in the first place, was a dull aching pain in my liver. I had been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. But after I had my right kidney removed last year, I have not had the pain since then. The Urologist didn't think it was the tumor, but  I feel like it was my body telling me something isn't right.

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I am a bit late to the party in this thread but just wanted to let you know about the existence of various types of sickness bags. I prefer the type which has a plastic rim from which the bag extends when needed, something like this:


There are a few different types available.

Just letting you know in case you aren't aware of them as it wasn't that long ago that I wasn't aware of them (until I was given some in hospital). 


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For you and you are feeling better-June

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Got my tumour out on August 3rd (a 4cm cystic clear cell renal carcinoma). Except for a bit of sickness the night after surgery (from the anesthesia) I have been nausea and vomiting free! I did take Phenergan regularly until the staples came out at 7 days (dr prescribed it as a preventative measure) but even with that pre-surgery I was still getting sick pretty often. In any case, 12 days now nausea free has been nice.

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Our bodies are amazing creations. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.



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Glad to hear the surgery went well and your nausea went away. 

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I did not have nausea but definitely had pain and discomfort. Felt like someone knuckle-punched me in the side half the time. It would have me bent over at times because it was so uncomfortable. That was gone after the surgery.

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I also had some pain. Actually went to a gastro early in 2016 due to some sharp but sporadic upper RQ pain that was presumed to be gall bladder. I was imaged pretty thoroughly and nothing was found and gall bladder was functioning normally on tests. I got pneumonia shortly after the last test came up empty and health sorta spiraled for the rest of the year (tons of upper respiratory infections) so I kinda dropped the ball on investigating further. Since then I would still occasionally get a sharp stab. About a month prior to surgery had what I hope was the last one of those (it lasted a lot longer and led to some stat work ups again). From the time I had that one to the surgery I had a near constant low pain and pressure that kinda wrapped around from front to back. Only a bit more than two weeks out now but I think that pressure at least is gone. Still feeling pretty stabby so can’t be sure the other pain is gone but hopefully will be soon!

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So glad to hear you're feeling better post-surgery. Great news! I hope this is the end of all of it for you and that you are NED from here on out!

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I had dizziness and nausea in the year following my nephrectomy. The symptoms were vertigo like. I had a few bouts that were pretty serious to where I couldn't drive. They couldn't find the cause. Eventually they found I had a tumor in the adrenal gland attached to that kidney that was removed. When they took the kidney, the left the adrenal gland. After I had my adrenal gland removed, the problem went away. I had also had BP problems when I had that adrenal tumor and that went away after it was removed too.

You mentioned your tumor was on top of your kidney. Do you know if they removed your adrenal gland? It was my first thought when I read your symptoms that maybe it was related to your adrenal gland since I had similar symptoms. The doctors never agreed that was the cause of my problem, but it did go away after I had the adrenalectomy. I'm supposing a tumor in an adrenal gland could make it act wacky.

Either way, glad you're feeling better!


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Thanks for well wishes. No, they didn’t touch adrenal gland and I haven’t had a chance to ask about it. Oddly haven‘t talked to my doc yet, he just left me a message with the path results and it was just his nurse for the follow up. Kinda passed about that.

i wonder if maybe that was what the mass was pressing against and that is what caused the nausea and vomiting. Regardless, definitely glad it’s gone. Glad yours resolved with some work. Amazing how debilitating that symptom is...

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