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What Type of Ongoing Treatment

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It has been 2.5 years since I was diagnosed with Metastasized Uterine Cancer.  Surgery, Radiation, Chemo, Letrozole, and now Avastin.  My question is this, what are some medications each ofyou have been on (such as Letrozole) that you have been given, side effects, how long taken, and what you are currently on.

After Chemo

Medication Letrozole

Length - 6 months

Currently -  Avastin for Management

Just trying to see how others compare to me, I do know it hits everyone differently.


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Surgery November 2016; chemo December 2016 - April 2017; prescribed Metformin March 2017; mets discovered (retroperitoneal) May 2017; external and internal radiation June-August 2017; CyberKnife radiation to wipe out remainder of mets January 2018; prescribed aromatase inhibitor Arimadex March 2018; hernia repair March 2018; new growth discovered, not mets (pelvic) April 2018; rapid growth & hospitalization May-June 2018; commence Keytruda May 2018; more external radiation June-July 2018. Situation controlled and tumor shrinking as of now, July 2018. Metformin and Arimidex discontinued per my doctor ("Obviously it wasn't working"). Currently on numerous supplements and Keytruda @ 3-week intervals; feel reasonably okay if only the da*n pelvic tumor would get off my sciatic nerve and I could walk properly. Otherwise not complainig.

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You are astonishingly tough.  I'm in awe.

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Hi jacjac - What type of endometrial cancer do you have?  I am going to be started on Avastin as well and would like to compare notes, I have UPSC.  I had 6 cycles of carbo/taxol last year.

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