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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Hi!  Anyone heard from Kvdyson - Kim?  I have not been on board for a while and when reviewing the roll call of old & new members, Kvdyson came to mind.  She has not been online since February.  

I’ll update my status in roll call thread soon, thanks for srarting Eldri and I agree with DeMarus on updating your About Me profile.



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I have been thinking about her and wondering myself where she is. My hope is that she has got on with her life.

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I had sent her an email awhile back and this is what she sent me back:

" Hi Eldri, I received your message. I'm fine. Sorry about not checking-in lately. Been busy getting back to normal life. At this juncture, a certain distance from the constant reminder of what transpired has helped me with that transition. Please give my best to everyone and let them know that I'll check back periodically. Hope you are doing well, too. Thanks, Kim" 

From that, I'm assuming she's in good shape and living her life free of this beast!! Good for her!!!




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Thank you so much for posting this! It's wonderful to hear she's moving on, a goal we all aim for. Thank again, derM

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Thanks Eldri for reaching out to Kim, happy to hear she has just been getting back to normal life.  I've done the same, but do peek every once in a while and always sending prayers out to you all.


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Thanks edri for being so good at checking into our wonderful friends. Im glad to know kim is moving on.

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