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Stage 1a endometrioid

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I was grade 2 on D&C but the final pathology report mentions grade 1
Can anybody explain the downgrade? Believe me, I am not complaining.
Which kind of tests will I have for a follow-up?
Could I request a Cat Scan for my peace of mind?
If yes, is it a CT from the whole body?
Thank you for your helpSmile

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Biopsies = imperfect science, as many of us here have learned to our dismay. It all depends on who's reading them and what seems to be vs. actually is. THe post-surgical biopsy is generally considered the definitive one, unless there's reason to look further. I detail my forced march into this knowledge on my About Me page so won't bore you with the details here ;)

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My oncologist ordered a CT scan and chest x-rays after my surgery to make sure the uterine cancer hadn't spread.  It did provide peace of mind, that's for sure. It also have a baseline should any symptoms pop up. So good to hear you're a low grade/stage!!

Love ,


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