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Hi there,

Less than 3 months ago I took a fall and a 9mm lung nodule was incidentally discovered in my left lower lobe from an abdomen CT that caught the bottom half of my lungs.  I have been having issues with not being able to catch my breath as well as I’d like and a general feeling of shortness of breath.  I saw a pulmonologist who ordered A full chest CT after a few weeks of treatment with inhalers and muscinex didn’t clear the persistent cough and discomfort .


The CT I had two days ago showed the nodule had grown to 16mm.  I’m petrified of this scan result.  It had a Voulme doubling time or about 33 days from a calculator I used.  I have an appointment with a new pulmonologist next week but I’m frightened.  From what I’m reading online malignancy sounds very high.  I’m only 37 yo but smoked for 20 years before stopping last year. 


Can anyone give me some advice on what to expect from a nodule growing that fast?


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    I have learned that lung masses grow very fast with often little warning signs at times. On a 4 year follow-up scan for anal cancer a large mass the size of a small peach was discovered on my left lung. (Fortunately I have also had breast cancer so scan was of chest and pelvis) My prior scan 6 months earlier was clear!

    On the good side, the mass was contained in my left lower lobe and removed with a lobectomy and followed by chemo. I have been feeling mostly great since with a few occasional but at least for now manageable concerns. (Will see, I'm haveing a PET scan on Thursday)

    Lungs are susceptible to scaring, nodes, nodules, cysts, clots, and masses...some one in the same, some requiring treatment of different sorts and some repairing themselves.

    Its so hard not to be frightened, but worry will not make something that is out of your hands go away, so take a breath and hold on till you learn more (Oh I know, so much easier said than done).

    Doctors have so many ideas up their sleeves these days and often many options. I will pray the one they offer you is perfect!

    Keep us posted, and just think...that fall may be the luckiest thing that ever happened to you!


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    3mm noncalcified lung nodule

    hi im sorry to hear about this it could still be nothing as ive been reading and they will tell you if you need a biopsy or not for this is it still noncalcified?? so did this double in size in a month or so?? yes i would definately have a second opinion ive had 2 opinions at 3mm nodule and one dr says 12mo and this other dr said 3mo because he knew i was anxious but then theres how much radiation should one have so soon but i hear ya im with ya and you are in my prayers was your nodule an incidental finding?? keep me updated! 

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    The growth rate is a big

    The growth rate is a big concern, the other thing that you should know from the CT is whether or not the edges of the nodule are piculated? Both rapid growth and piculated edges are indications of probable malignancy. The next thing that I would expect from a doctor would be a PET scan and that should be a full body Pet scan.

    I had an MRI for my back and they found a nodule in my right lung. I have had a CT, and a  Pet scan, and am sheduled for surgery on Oct. 26. They still do not know for sure if it is malignant. Not until they do this surgery will they know for sure. They will do a resection taking just a little piece of the lung where the nodule is and look at it, they determine if it is malignant and if it is, they will remove the lobe that it is in, and a couple of lymph nodes closest to it.   I have a friend that has just about the same experience 20 years ago, they removed the lobe, and she never had a reoccurance. 

    So, don't get to ahead of yourself. You need to find a doctor that you are comfortable with for sure.  However the symptoms that you are saying that you are having probably wouldn't be caused by a nodule that small, something else could be going on????  

    The one thing that can look this way and is often mistaken for cancer is Fungal infections in the lungs. They are rare but it happens. 

    So, see the new pulmonologist and tell them how worried you are. But don't panic, there is a lot more that you and the doctors need to know.  All this stuff that I have learned about possibilities I have just read on the internet. I will not really have all the answers until a week or 10 days after the surgery.