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Done for a Year!

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Bay Area Guy
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Just got back from Stanford, where I was treated for my RCC.  All's well.  But, of course, after getting the chest x-ray results and the CT results, we knew that.  I guess I have to be a lot better since I've made the following progression in terms of who sees me:

At six months, the surgeon handled the appointment.

At one year, a nurse practitioner handled the appointment.

This time, at two years, a physician's assistant handled the appointment.

I guess I'll be getting a student nurse at the three year mark.

I get two more years of CT scans, then they want to convert me over to ultrasound, mainly, I think, because insurance won't cover the CT after four years unless there's a medical need.

But I love Stanford.  Very thorough and very kind people.


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BAy Area Guy,


Hope it is a piece of cake.




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Excellent news. 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Continued good health-June

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Feels good, huh?

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possible the luckiest person I have ever known

Just hope it stays that way.. I mean in general


The best of good wishes



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I was born at Stanford Hospital. I grew up in milpitas if you know where that is. Anyway, cheers to many more years of NED! Always great news to hear

Take care




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May you have many more Happy healthy years ahead

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 At the four year mark, a volunteer from the gift shop Laughing .

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May the good news keep on coming!

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Keep it up.

Best wishes.

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Congrats and thanks for sharing. 

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Congrats! So happy for you :)

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Thanks for sharing, Bay.  Ultrasounds will be a nice change, won't it?

Take care!


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Bay Area Guy
Posts: 498
Joined: Jun 2016

They will be a lot nicer.  But i’ve Had abdominal issues in th3 past and both my dad and paternal grandfather had aortas issues, so I don’t mind the CT that much since it can spot odd things in the neighborhood.

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Just watch out for the cleaning lady with the mop.

Keep up the good news.



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Keep doing what you do. You deserve the good results BAG!

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