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Christmas in July

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Donna Faye
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My dear sisters, I got my NED ,for now, on July 3 and while trying to think of a way to pay it forward, remembered the young lad, 2 years old ,who was undergoing radiation every day at the same time I was there. His tiny cries of,"I want to go home." brought me to tears every day. His parents were staying at the Ronald McDonald House. On July 5, I noticed a flyer with Christmas in July at the RMHouse.  They were asking for basic supplies needed to run a home and I knew my townhouse community would help. After all, I have served as president of the HOA for 5 years and this could be my pay back. They were most generous and today I am delivering a large clothes basket filled with supplies.

All of us know the downside of cancer, and for me, to see the children undergoing treatment, just hurts my heart. So, I am trying to make it better for the parents and know you all understand this need we all feel to reach out. When one has walked in the shoes of cancer, we understand the need for love, hugs, encouragement, good news and understanding.

I am so proud to be with all of you in this walk and know we give lift to others as they struggle with their bad news or celebrate with the good. I am including all of you in this gift to The RMHouse.

Hugs, DF


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Donna Faye, What a wonderful and thoughtful way of “playing it forward“.  I am sure that your generosity will be much appreciated.  There are so many ways to show appreciation and gratitude in our communities. It is true that having to fight for your life opens one’s eyes to life and the opportunity to “play it forward”. 


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That is a wonderful PayBack or Pay it Forward!  I have done several Relay for LIfe and Buzz Cuts for children's Cancer in my life time since getting my own cancer.

You are right in saying until you fight the fight it is hard not to understand what a person goes through be it the person or the family.  Thanks again for including us. trish

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Cannot imagine the pain a family experiences when their kid is the one that has this awful disease. What a wonderful gift.  

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What a lovely gesture, you have a big heart!

I have been making chemo blankets for my local cancer treatment center, I did not think of RMH. I will look into it! 


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Faye, I volunteered for RMH for over 5 years.  I can tell you, I know your generous donation was greatly appreciated.

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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
Joined: Jan 2017

I had never been to the RM house and was delighted to find it large, lovely and filled with wonderful volunteers like NTFC.They were so grateful for the supplies and now I am thinking I need to visit more often with just a bag of laundry soap or trash bags. Life has to go on even when children are ill and this place gives the families that chance. Thank you all for reading my post and I bet most of us give lots of time to others. There are cancer survivor volunteers at all the clinics where I am treated and they make sure there are refreshments and help to all who need it. We know what matters and we do it.

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Yep, Faye.  Believe it or not, laundry detergent was one of the things RMH needed.  Along with dish soap, pre-packaged snacks, and more.  I bet they have a "wish-list" they can share with people who want to know what they should give.  I started volunteering there years before my dx, took a break during all my treatment so I wasn't exposed to anything, and stayed for about a year after I finished treatment.  I remember one of the women from a group who came in stopping me and saying she knew what I was going through - I think I had a t-shirt wrapped around my head.   As we talked she told me she had had anal cancer.  Just like no one wants to talk about gyn cancer, no one wants to talk about anal or rectal cancer.  We both chatted about that and I talked to her pastor who had come with the group she was with as well.  

Cancer patients are everywhere.  

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So glad you are NED, and what a wonderful way to celebrate! Giving to others is so rewarding! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing too :)

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AND...YaY for your big heatt! You gave me a wonderful idea. I live right by a big children's hospital, CHKD. I always kind of took it for granted, living so close and all. However, I bet I could volunteer there or make donations, since I'm moving and seriously downsizing. 

Congratulations and thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story!



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