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68-Ga-psma-pet/CT scan

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Wondering if anyone has any info on the availability of this scan. My reachsearch so far says it's only in clinical trials. Thanks in advance guys.

Old Salt
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Yes, this scan is in clinical trials in the USA. Check clinicaltrials.gov to see if you might qualify.

More readily available in Germany, Australia and perhaps other countries.

hopeful and opt...
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I don't know where you live, but call Dr. Alemeda's office, located in Phoenix, AZ for information. . They do PET Scan investigational tests, to I believe include PSMA 68. I think that the cost at this facility  is about 3,000. I know men who go to Phoenix to have advanced imaging from CA where I live.  There are also hospitals that do clinical tests..I think that UCLA is one.




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Several private clinics arround the world are doing the 68Ga PSMA PET scan. They will request for a dortor's referal and charge the patient providing a receipt that can be claimed from own insurances covering this sort of exams. In Portugal one can get the test included in the RT treatment which would become 50% cheaper. I would think that the same happens in USA.


Old Salt
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how the insurance issue would work out in the USA. THere are so many 'flavors' in the system over here. Best to contact the insurance company beforehand.

hopeful and opt...
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As I understand, the facility that I mentioned is not covered by medical insurance, it is cash pay.........

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My dad in India had this scan and it was 100% covered by the health insurance he has.

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If you pay for it, you can get into the trial at UCSF any time:



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