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Anti-cancer effect of cannabis

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Here is an article that discusses the potential anti-cancer effect of cannabis: https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/can.2018.0010

C. sativa compounds interact synergistically for cytotoxic activity against colon cancer cells and induce cell cycle arrest, apoptotic cell death, and distinct gene expression. F3, F7, and F7+F3 are also active on adenomatous polyps, suggesting possible future therapeutic value.

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According to other researches  this cannabis oil seems to be argumentative, it has pain relief effect rather than cancer fighter. 

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My sister used CBD oil to relax when she was fighting pancreatic cancer.  I found it worked well for muscle spasms. I still use it if I can't sleep. 


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Thanks for the link!! Maybe you can join this thread : https://csn.cancer.org/node/317154

I think its VERY important to give people some help IF you see holisitic treatment as an option, I spend month on-line and I still have lot of questions around this.



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Just another in vitro test, nearly meaningless wrt treatment.  There are literally thousands of chems that kill cancer cells in vitro, but they may kill health cells too (like these did),  prevent important metabolic processes, or simply not be effective in vivo conditions.   So why is everyone so breathless over tests just b/c it's marijuana extracts ?

There really are hundreds of treatements that have been clinically tested or are sufficiently promising and safe as to allow clinical trials.  This isn't one of them, and likely never will be.  The most one can hope for is that the mechanism of any difference in apotosis of these extracts becomes understood, and then that mechanism is exploited by a synthetic drug as a new adjunct chemo.  IMO chemos are the devil, and biologics , immuno-therapy will eventually replace these.

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I often say, "the older I get, the less I know."  I post things that I find interesting.  These are not recommendations or endorsements.  I hope you can take this in the spirit in which it is intended. 

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But when this subject comes up, I just look at Tommy Chong.  If there is ANYONE who should have had success with marijuana, it is him.  He iS marijuana.  Laughing  (Obviously joking here and no disrespect to him, I am a big fan actually.)  Kidding aside, some information on him. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/tommy-chong-discusses-cancer-treatment/story?id=31873021  Prostate Cancer then Rectal Cancer.  

I wonder how much the additional types/potencies of marijuana out there make studies a bit more difficult or promising.  I tried TCM when my Cancer came back last year.  One thing I read is that consistency in mushrooms (soil, weather) may be an issue in efficacy and that mushrooms not grown in specific areas have changes.  I am all for the low risk high reward of studies of mushrooms, marijuana and the rest.  The problem is when using those things and they are not effective, is there time to go to more standard treatments.

I ran my course based on my overall general health with this latest round of cancer - TCM, trial drug - but scans have shown time is up and I need to get radation (doing that now for spine tumor out of nowhere in the last 8 weeks) and back on chemo (lung mets gone nuts in the last 8 weeks or so)  Ultimately that is the biggest risk, plus on TCM side you need to be careful because they can be real powerful and as dangerous as chemo in certain respects.


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That's my usual argument when someone brings up cannabis fighting cancer. Really? Tell Tommy Chong that! I think he'd disagree about the benefits.

I believe it helps with side effects and I suppose it could help with relaxing a person and we all know that stress is the enemy when you have cancer, so there's that. But does it actually kill cancer cells? No, I don't see any evidence of that. And I'd never smoke it. I have mets in my lung, I don't need them irritated or something like that. I was taking oils but am now on a pill form synthetic. It helps with nausea and pain to a certain extent.


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once again, thanks for the info.  I smoke up every night to relax and sleep, and if it fights cancer, another bonus.  

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