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stem cell transplant

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Hello everyone I am new to this site. I just got discharged from the hospital yesterday after doing a stem cell transplant for relapsed hodgkins lymphoma. Everything went pretty smoothly and my doc said I was in and out faster than most people he's seen. I've always had pretty low blood pressure but after chemo it dropped even more. My average has been around 88/57. It once got as low as 78/46. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Also yeserday a few hours before discharge i went on a walk with my physical therapist and when I got back to my room my heart rate was 160. I had done a decent amount of walking almost everyday I was there and this was the first time my pulse has sky rocketed afterwords. Because of this they gave me a heart monitor to wear for a couple days. Even today my pulse goes up when walking, not quite as high, about 130 or so. My resting pulse is in the normal range but even the slightest movement, like lifting my arm raises my pulse. Has anyone else experienced this?

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