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Kidney Stone Removal before Partial Nephrectomy

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Newbie. Recently diagnosed with RCC - 3.2 cm mass in medial right lower renal pole  Aggressive growth - compared to an earlier CT where it was missed the first time. Have a long history of kidney stones. Have passed over 24 in the last 20 years. 2 Cystoscopies and 1 litho - rest naturally. Both cystoscopies were nightmares. Currently have 2 non-obstructive renal (stones) in the kidney scheduled for surgery - .6cm and .7cm in size. The largest stone i passed naturally was .9 cm

Dr. orginally recommended I have them removed via cysto - but because of past experiences I resisted and was hoping for litho as I am not inexperienced to passing fragments naturally. Scheduled for partial nephrectomy in 10 days after miscommunication on stone removal. The dr. went ahead and scheduled the surgery - but in my mind the question was still open and it took some time for us to connect for further discussion. So, I am weighing tumor removal first (and quickly) or waiting a couple of months and opting for stone removal first.

Has anyone on the forum experienced a similar situation? If so, what path was taken? 


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I'm sorry you have to go through this! My husband is always passing kidney stones. From what I hear.. Not fun! Then you have a aggressive tumor. I don't have any advice unfortunately. .  I am very happy they found the tumor early, If it were me I would want that tumor out! The stone may be causing problems though... Aye!! Good luck to you.  I'm sure someone will have an answer. You could alsocheck out "smart patients". I've seen a lot of members recommend the forum. 

Good luck to you! Sorry I couldn't be more help


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Welcome, Joey.  Sorry about your situation.    

I have medullary sponge kidneys, so both my kidneys have numerous stones in them.  I was diagnosed at 17 while cutting weight for high school wrestling.  The original stone that formed was really big and I had the lithotripsy procedure to crush it.  That's the only procedure I've ever had.  I've passed numerous (big and small) stones for the past 30 years.  I see a nephrologist to control and prevent new stone formation.  

As far as where to go from here.  In my opinion--your "Agressive growth" statement stands out in your post.  Your tumor is on the small side and if removed now will probably be the end of your RCC issues.  If you wait, you run the risk of it growing to the point that it could cause problems down the road.  I'd much rather deal with a stone removal than have cancer issues. 

I think it's approriate to visit with your doctors about your concerns and get them on the same page.  They'll be able to develop a proper care plan when all the cards are on the table.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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I also stop cold at the word "aggressive." Having that type of cancer myself and getting rid of a monstrous tumor, I would agree with you to get your tumor out right away. I personally would consider the stones secondary. Just my opinion, nothing more, and I am not anywhere close to being an expert.

I wish you well, for sure and hope to hear how you're doing later.

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I have no exoerience to speak of but I would want anything aggressive out of me PRONTO!  Unless you're in major pain from the stones-good luck with you're decision-June

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I had my 1 and only stone so far in my life that lead to the discovery of my 1.9cm ccrcc. Never could the thing to pass past my bladder, so they had to go get it-not fun, and hopefully the last time.On the other hand it may have helped save my life by finding the RCC so early...I had the stone removed and them on to Open Partial Neph but I agree with the others ,get the cancer out and deal with the stones later if you can!!

Best of luck, either way you go...


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