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Idk if I have cervical cancer but I have many of the symptoms

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Hi I am 44 years old and recently I have noticed a foul-smelling discharge coming from my vagina and now suddenly I have blood in it and slight pain when I urinate I'm going to be honest with you I have not been an angel in the past and Have Nots had regular pap smears but what I would like to know is should I go to the ER and how long does it take to find out results because I feel like I'm going crazy I just looked up my symptoms online and maybe I'm jumping to conclusions

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Get to your Gyn and get checked out.  The greater likelihood is that it is something else, and your dr might be able to tell you right away.  But you need to get a pap done, just for baseline and peace of mind.

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I agree with abrub.  The past is that - move forward and get a pap done, tell them what is going on.  

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Yes, of course get thepap test, but you may need other tests. I’m not a doctor and I, not trying to scare you, but your,symptoms of the fluid coming from your vagina and then so,e tinged with blood sounds exactly like the symptoms that I had before being diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

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